Fabrication of rainbow hologram with NanoMaker  Fabrication of Rainbow Hologram with NanoMaker
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Q&A item.

Q&A item

Q&A: Pattern Design

Q: What benefits provides your Hierarchical Multilayer Graphical Editor?
I am interested in the Hierarchical Multilayer Graphical Editor and the benefits it provides, can you explain this more thoroughly? Also, is this a competitive advantage against your competitors?
A: Yes it is, because our fully integrated Hierarchical Multilayer Graphical editor is specialized on lithographic structure design and allows to create structure of almost any size and any complexity. Basic elements of the editor are: polygons, single pixel lines and single dots. Elements are grouped into structures and are attributed with specific lithographic characteristics: a nearly unlimited dose value, 3D attribute and so on. Structures can be designed with any desired resolution (1 nanometer resolution is set by default) and assigned to a particular layer of the drawing. Complex designs can be created using the hierarchical data management. All changes of dimensions and other element's attributes are made directly in editor. To this end a variety of functions realized, including transformation by analytic formulas, which allow transforming and multiplying elements by many desirable ways.

Import function allows eliminating of any data conversion steps from external layout software like Auto-CAD, Design CAD, etc.

Proximity Effect Correction, Simulation of Exposure and Development can be started immediately from the Editor and results of dose distribution, exposure points distribution or profiles of residual resist can be observed in editor window and saved to file. Designed and proximity corrected by NanoMaker structures can be exposed at other lithographic systems. Postprocessing and export functions allow to adjust data and save to compatible formats.
No one of our closest competitors doesn't have such integrated editor environment.

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