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Q&A item.

Q&A item

Q&A: Import / Export of Lithographic Data

Q: Can you please describe file output format which contains exposure dose information?
Can you please describe file output format which contains different fractions (zones) of designed structures and related different exposure dose times? We need this information to assess how your software/simulation output file can be implemented in our e-beam lithography system.
A: The simplest way, which we can offer is to use the export of corrected data to GDSII format. Most of lithography systems support this format. The only problem is to extract the dose information. Below is an explanation how we save dose information to data files in GDSII format during export/import operations in NanoMaker.

For every element we save the dose information in Tag 14 ( DATATYPE ).
This citation is from the GDSII format specification:
"14 DATATYPE Two-Byte Signed Integer

[0E02] Specifies the data type. The value of the datatype must be in the range of 0 to 255"


We use both two bytes for dose information saving. The information is presented in form: dose (in %) *10.
i.e., dose 100% corresponds to the written value 1000. So, we ignore the format restrictions (range of 0 to 255) for the DATATYPE tag.

For more information on please refer to the GDSII format description.

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