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Q&A item.

Q&A item

Q&A: Import / Export of Lithographic Data

Q: I've loaded GDSII file and try on it but don't know where I can see the correction results?
  1. You are importing data from GDSII file. By default, elements in GDSII file do not have the dose information. (There is no data field in format specification for the dose). Thus, when NanoMaker imports your structures, and can't find the dose information it assigns just 0 dose to all elements.
  2. To see element's dose after import, just open the view for any structure. For example, go to Edit->Structure dialog, select structure from list and press Edit button. Then press Alt+G key combination to choose view in dose mode. Move special cursor (D%) over any of structure's element and left click the mouse. In status line, at the bottom of program window, you will see information, for example, Dose=0.0 3D Attribute=100.0 Layer=3. That means the 0.0 dose is assigned to this element. Also the View->Redraw->Dose command shows the dose distribution for all elements by color.
  3. After performing of Proximity Effect Correction (PEC) procedure new (recommended) doses are assigned for all selected elements in structure. Select special cursor (D%) by pressing Alt+D to see doses for individual elements. Being over an element left click the mouse.

At export, NanoMaker saves the information about dose of an element to GDSII file in special field (tag 14 (DATATYPE) as two-byte integer).

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