Fabrication of rainbow hologram with NanoMaker  Fabrication of Rainbow Hologram with NanoMaker
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Q&A item.

Q&A item

Q&A: Proximity Correction. Simulation of Development

Q: How to start the Proximity Correction procedure?
  1. Before you start the correction, you will need to ungroup all references to structures in you structure because PEC software doesn't work for references. Thus,
    1. select a structure from list you want to correct, for example, go to Edit->Structure dialog, select structure from list and press Edit button.
    2. ungroup all references to structures till simple elements. For that end, select all elements in structure (Edit->Select->All) and ungroup one level of hierarchy by choosing command Edit->Ungroup. Repeat this procedure (Select All + Ungroup) till the last level of hierarchy will be ungrouped. This procedure will enlarge your GDB file size. Please save the GDB file after ungrouping as a new file.
  2. Select all elements in you structure and go to Proximity->Correction dialog. Set parameters of proximity function (use Recommended Parameters dialog to define them and upon closing it press Set button to transfer data). And press OK button to start PEC procedure. Be patient, calculation can take enough long time.
  3. After finishing the calculation, save the data to GDB file.
  4. View->Redraw->Dose command shows the dose distribution for all elements in structure by color. Select special cursor (D%) by pressing Alt+D to see doses for individual elements. Being over an element left click the mouse.

At the export to GDSII file, NanoMaker saves the information about dose of an element in special field (tag 14 (DATATYPE) as two-byte integer).

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