Fabrication of rainbow hologram with NanoMaker  Fabrication of Rainbow Hologram with NanoMaker
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Q&A item.

Q&A item

Q&A: Comparison with Competitors

Q: I was looking at the package of your competitors, they go into a lot of detail regarding circle pattern generation. What is advantage/disadvantage of this strategy from your point of view?
A: We profess absolutely different ideology of writing. We know that in reality we need to write not simple geometrical shapes but complicated polygons every time. There are lots of varieties of geometrical shapes and you can try to program generator for all of them. But when you combine these simple elements to produce real structure design and you will apply the Proximity correction you will get the set of polygonal scraps. So, in reality, we are writing only by horizontal and vertical lines consisting from sets of equidistant points. More over, we need to apply a lot of additional data to calculate the real beam position during writing of every point, among of them: alignment data (zooms, angles, shifts), correction data to compensate dynamic and static errors of deflection system.
Thus, from our point of view, design of generators for real applications, which carry out writing by means of geometrical primitives is unpromising business.
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